Last updated: Dec 8 2016.

This page describes some projects from 4plebs.Tech Department.

Server Software

FoolFuuka - Forked from original by FoolCode. Merely extended slightly. Original.
Fuuka4plebs - Efficient Asagi front-end & drop-in replacement for FoolFuuka. Release to be announced.

Mobile Application

FFuukaDroid - Mobile application for browsing FoolFuuka powered boards & archives.


FoolFuuka API Docs - Documentations of Application Programming Interfaces in FoolFuuka. Accurate/4plebs specific documentation. Original from FoolCode.

FoolFuuka Plugins

These plugins extend FoolFuuka functionality. Provided as is. No warranty implied nor provided. If you have any questions you can email them to 4plebs administrator.

Original Plugins
FoolFuuka Plugin CloudFlare Cache Purge - Allows administrators and moderators to delete content from the Cloudflare cache & automatic cache removal when removing images.
FoolFuuka Plugin Fortune - Adds support for fortunes on certain boards.
FoolFuuka Plugin Intel Share - Provides interface for sharing & acquiring banned media hashes.
FoolFuuka Plugin New Autothumbnailer - New version of SWF auto thumbnailer. Useful for /f/ archives.
FoolFuuka Plugin phash - Perceptual hashing meta plugin.
FoolFuuka Plugin Popup Report - Post reporting without modals & API access for offsite report POSTing.
FoolFuuka Plugin Table - Simple table view for threads. Modeled after 4chan /f/.
FoolFuuka Plugin Thread Chunk - Show threads in chunks.
FoolFuuka Plugin Upload SWF - Allow users to upload SWF files.
Forked Plugins

There plugins were originally developed by FoolCode and have merely been extended slightly.

FoolFrame Plugin Articles - Article plugin. Original.
FoolFuuka Plugin Board Statistics - Statistics plugin. Original.
FoolFuuka Plugin Spam Guard - Spam prevention plugin. Original.